More than 50% savings thanks to METRIOS measuring machine

JULI Motorenwerk

JULI Motorenwerk s.r.o. is a subsidiary of Jungheinrich AG and Kion Group, two world’s key manufacturers of handling trucks.

Every two of the three handling trucks sold in Europe and almost one in three worldwide are powered by electric motors manufactured in Moravany near Brno.

JULI Motorenwerk


The constantlyincreasing demands on qualityand accuracy of production in the implementation of the new generation of synchronous motors logically required a change in the field of measurement. The frequency of shaped elements (radio, diameter, lengths…) and their symmetrical repeatability checked by instruments with a large proportion of manual measurement were increasing. The progression in the measurement was also required by checking the measurement of flat complicated parts (e.g. sheet metal punch-press parts). The method of checking in both transmitted and reflected light had to be automated.



Automatic digital measuring machine METRIOS MT100 CROSS

  • Simple operation, high speed,quality, up to 100x magnification thanks to great 25 MP digital zoom and unique camera, no usage restrictions
  • High resolutionwith wide field of view (ideal for measuring multiple pieces or large components)
  • Automatic focus throughout the measurement field (identifying even the smallest details requiring different depth of focus)
  • The most comprehensive lighting systemin its category
  • Automatic data acquisition(export in several formats e.g. CSV, DFQ) including analytical evaluation of production trend
  • Possibility of operation even outside areas with controlled environmental qualitythanks to built-in step master and temperature sensors


  • Significant time savings – 120 measurements in 126 seconds
  • Possibility to measure parts that previously could not be measured with acceptable efficiency
  • 5 samples defined as qualification for serial production: more than tenfold time saving for control technician and quality inspector (when measuring dozens of parts, time savings increase significantly)
  • Unequivocal proof and weight of evidence of the result
  • Data recordingand its statistical evaluation, Cp, Cpk as standard part of SW

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