Companies from the Czech Republic and abroad are connected


Companies from the Czech Republic and abroad are connectedto the Technology and Education Center
to the Technology and Education Center

The history of KUBOUŠEK dates back to 1990, when it became the first contractual partner in Czechoslovakia to start trading with top measuring instruments from the Japanese manufacturer Mitutoyo. Since then, the portfolio of products and services has expanded significantly, not only in the field of quality control. The largest part of the current product portfolio consists of technologies, machines and components, including automation elements or lines for the plastics industry.

The KUBOUŠEK Technologies and Instruments (KTI) Group supplies the Czech and Slovak markets with the injection molding machines of its largest business partner – the German company KraussMaffei, which it, as well as many others, represents there. At the same time, it supplies peripherals from many world brands, especially for plastics processing technologies. It is able to equip not only individual production cells, but also entire factory halls, including today’s inseparable automation. It has further expanded its portfolio with calibration services by an accredited laboratory with the aim of offering the customer comprehensive services that accompany the production and inspection process of each product.


Technology of the future in České Budějovice

The industry in the Czech Republic is largely focused on the automotive sector, which is why customers from the automotive industry make up the largest share in the KTI Group. The KUBOUŠEK company also supplies its products and services to other industries – healthcare, aviation, construction, machining, packaging and food industry, electronics and electrical engineering, etc. In recent years, almost all fields have seen a huge pace of development. The plastics industry is no exception, which is why in 2017 the group’s central building was substantially expanded and, in particular, the Technology Center was built. This project representing an investment of more than 100 mil. CZK was launched 10 years ago and the construction itself has been going on for the last 3 years. The Technology Center is equipped with modern and innovative technologies. Customers can test them there under the guidance of experienced application engineers and then decide on the usability for their own production. “The introduction of new production often brings unexpected complications and unwanted delays. We will offer our customers the possibility to debug their production at our Technology Center so that will be able to move smoothly from one product to another in their injection molding plant, “explains Petr Falc, head of the KUBOUŠEK Technology Center. Modern production, even with regard to the lack of qualified workers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, cannot do without quality automation.

The team of KUBOUŠEK Systems, which is closely connected to the Technology Center and uses these spaces for the design of automated workplaces, deals with this. “There is no interest in monotonous work in factories and our customers face a shortage of workers. There is therefore a growing demand for the automation of these workplaces. In addition, the robot can work in night operations without affecting its health,” adds Martin Doležel, head of the automation sales team.

Establishing cooperation with leading experts and universities

In order for customers to be able to make full use of the supplied equipment, KUBOUŠEK places emphasis on training end users. “If you want to reach the maximum production potential, you need to know your equipment. And not only that. It is also necessary to know the causes and consequences of phenomena that occur during production. It is necessary to have an overlap of knowledge,” explains Tereza Velíšková, head of the Education Center. “In addition to standard training for operation and maintenance, we offer technological training and we have managed to establish cooperation with leading Czech experts on various topics, including the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. These experts go to our Education Center to lecture, and there is considerable interest in these workshops,” adds Velíšková. Last year, cooperation was also established with the University of South Bohemia. Mechatronics students go to the Technology and Education Center to gain valuable theoretical and practical experience. In addition to the University of South Bohemia, technical high schools from the South Bohemian region also use the potential of the Technology and Education Center. “From cooperation with schools, we also expect a source of skilled workers, the lack of which we and our customers face. The need to link education with practice at the right time has been confirmed. So not just before the end of studies, but already in the second and third year. At this time, it is possible to establish a truly beneficial cooperation with students, which can take the form of longer practice, but also long-term temporary job, “says Velíšková. If the graduate then decides to work for the company, he/she is better prepared and the company also accepts an almost finished person who knows the operation of the company.

The goal is a satisfied customer

A key factor in all successful companies is a satisfied customer. Ivan Kuboušek has taken care of customer satisfaction since the founding of the company and this trend continues today. Today, the original company is a strong group operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. It dynamically expands its portfolio of services to meet the needs of its customers, make full use of the potential of the newly built Technology Center and fully focus on the transfer of cutting-edge know-how in the form of training programs, professional lectures, production testing and application support.

Author: Vít Hněvkovský