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Akreditovaná kalibrace

Accredited calibration laboratory

Length, plane angle, temperature, pressure, moment of force, relative humidity. Fields in which our Calibration Laboratory of KSQ spol. s r.o. is accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.
We will also calibrate the components of your injection molding machines and peripherals. Produce and measure with the highest quality assurance.

Method of collection and delivery

Personally in České Budějovice, by public transport or pick-up service. Choose what is most comfortable for you.
What is a pick-up service? We will pick up your gauges at the place specified by you and take the calibrated ones back again. The responsibility for handling the gauges passes to us and you will no longer have to worry about packing and transporting the gauges.

Kalibrační laboratoř -
Akreditovaná kalibrační laboratoř - kalibrace měřicích přístrojů

By when will we deliver the gauges back?

Within 10 working days of receiving the gauge. This applies to standard professional activities performed in our laboratory in České Budějovice.
If 10 days is long for you, you can choose express delivery within 3 days. Surcharge from the list price is 25 %.

Calibration of machine and instrument components

Why is it necessary? Because you have to meet the requirements of quality standards IATF, ISO, etc. Because you want to increase efficiency and reduce production downtime, and because your goal is to have satisfied customers. Accredited calibration of components of your injection molding machines and peripherals will please auditors, minimize production downtime and guarantee quality data from your machines.

Akreditovaná kalibrační laboratoř - kalibrace čidel

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