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Helios-Preisser hand gauges

It offers a very wide and deep assortment ranging from digital pocket calipers to coaxial devices and individually expandable universal comparators. HELIOS-PREISSER has been the right partner for quality metrology for more than 85 years. Today, it represents first-class quality and flexible solutions even beyond the borders of Germany, and with its complete product range is valued as a reliable partner for everything related to precise manual measurement.

Sliding gauges

Selection of pocket clamps with particularly smooth double lapping and guide rail witheasier, more mobile measuring feet, square depth gauge and cross points for internal measurement. Or a digital pocket scale with integrated wireless connection, easy-to-read LCD display and iintuitive navigation. Also on the menu round depth measurement, function QuickLock: Key lock enabled one-time reset andQuickStart – Electronics: Start the measurement by moving the slider.

Micrometric gauges

Helios-Preisser digital micrometers are characterized by a large LCD display (numbers 10 mm high), individual tolerances of limit values. Wireless data transmission is a matter of course. Selected types are also developed with IP65 protection. This ensures that the measurement is dust-proof and protected against water jets from all directions. In our assortment you will find simple micrometers/ internal micrometers/ special micrometers/ holder and standard setting…

Dial gauges and indicators

Multifunctional deflection meters offer a cover made of metal or polyamide, spare probe tips M 2.5. Shock-resistant devices and the ability to be water- and oil-resistant are also available, subject to availability.

Electronic functions include QuickStart Electronic, which starts the measurement when the spindle moves, as well as the QuickLock function, when individual keys can be locked individually. Data variable: Interface for USB, RS 232 and Digimatic Integrated data transfer.

Measuring, checking, adjusting fixtures and devices

Devices suitable for almost every application: from runout measurements, to quick diameter checks, to gear measuring devices and setting devices with a camera.


High quality made in Germany with excellent accuracy according to DIN 875. The highest accuracy is accuracy level 0, blade length up to 2 meters (2nd accuracy level) Made of special or stainless steel.

Custom made products

We offer the right solution for almost all measuring tasks. Solutions to individual measurement tasks are sometimes as individual and unique as your components and products themselves. Helios-Preisser products allow small changes to standard products, often enough to solve individual measurement problems. This allows us to create unique variations for many products that help ensure quality standards on a daily basis.

Accredited calibration laboratory

We carry out calibrations of measuring instruments and machines given by the scope of the accreditation certificate, which are required especially for the needs of customer or ISO audits. With the measuring device or machine, you will receive a calibration sheet and the assurance that the accuracy of your measurement results is declared based on a comparison with a standard linked to a higher metrological quality, or a multinational standard.

Kalibrace měřicích přístrojů
Servis měřicích přístrojů

Service: warranty and post-warranty customer care

We want our devices to serve you reliably. That’s why we take care of them even after the warranty period ends. Preventatively, but also in the event of a malfunction. We will take care of your measuring devices both at your place and, if necessary, at our service center.

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