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Measuring instruments and systems

Measuring instruments for smart ways to increase quality and productivity. From manual measuring instruments, laboratory systems and optical systems to sophisticated coordinate machines for the most demanding tasks.

Manual measuring instruments

Basic measuring instruments of Mitutoyo and DEMM brands for wide-range use. Easy operation, high durability, long life and accuracy.


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Microscopes and profile projectors

Excellent performance-to-price ratio for contactless optical measurement of machined parts.


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Digital optical measuring instruments

Mitutoyo hardness testers in a wide range for hardness measurement designed for laboratory and field measurements. Performs accurate and objective quality tests directly in production, at the entrance or exit inspection before shipment, which increases productivity and reduces costs.

Metrios will appreciate modern intelligent, automated and digital factories optimizing production processes.


More information: Advantages of modern measurement (Metrios, VICIVISION)


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Optical measurement of rotating parts

Contactless and fully digital optical measuring instruments of VICIVISION brands of rotating parts. The devices communicate with the robot and the production machine. They enable immediate correction in production and elimination of scrap.


More information: Advantages of modern measurement (Metrios, VICIVISION)



Hardness testing machines

Mitutoyo hardness testers in a wide range for hardness measurement designed for laboratory and field measurements. They are characterized by the high speed of testing necessary in today’s rapid production.


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Shape and roughness measurement 

Contour meters for the assessment of complex shapes and roughness gauges for measuring the surface roughness factor with the amazing accuracy and sensitivity of measuring probes.


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Measuring arms

Portable articulated measuring arms designed directly for the workshop environment for precise inspection of all parts in the appropriate range up to 9 meters.


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Coordinate measuring machines

The most perfect form of measuring parts with complex geometry with maximum accuracy for the most demanding needs of the aerospace, automotive or engineering industries.


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Measurement of temperature, pressure, emissions, humidity, electrical quantities

The Testo brand is a global leader in portable and stationary measuring technologies for industry and other fields.


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Metrios optical measuring device suitable for the workshop environment

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