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Mitutoyo hand gauges

Inexpensive Mitutoyo handheld gauges for smart ways to increase quality and productivity that handle even the most demanding jobs.

Sliding gauges

Even the most basic models of Mitutoyo digital calipers have an electromagnetic induction type sensor. Any impurities thus do not affect signal detection in any way. Thanks to this, the sliders can be used without fear of soiling or clogging on the side of the ruler. For analog gauges, the main scale and vernier are matte chrome, which guarantees their longer service life.

posuvka mitutoyo
mikrometr mitutoyo

Micrometric gauges

Mitutoyo micrometers are characterized by high accuracy and robust construction. Selected types are also developed with IP65 protection. This enables their use even in places where cooling of the product with spraying liquid is required. High-precision micrometers with an innovative rotary sensor are able to measure with a resolution of 0.1 μm. For analog types of micrometers, the ratchet is functional both on the drum and on the quick-advance dial. Thanks to its clicking, measurements can then be easily carried out with an adequate measuring force.

Linear height meters and contouring devices

Mitutoyo’s high-performance altimeters stand out for their accuracy of (1.1 + 0.6 L / 600) μm, measuring range of 0-972 mm and travel range of 600 mm. A pneumatic movement mechanism, a clearly visible LCD display and intuitive control, together with computing functions make it the top of its class.

úchylkoměr mitutoyo

Deflection gauges and thickness gauges

Multifunctional deviation meters offer a two-color LCD display with a visual evaluation of tolerances in traffic light colors and a secondary analog scale.

This year’s hot new product is the ID-F series deflection meters. These are equipped with an adjustable function of the buttons, a new type of connection connector and also warn about the date of calibration. At the same time, they also offer the possibility of connecting a wireless module, support two-way communication with a PC and are compatible with the new IT-PAK 3.0 software, which is freely downloadable in the basic version.

Accessories for hand gauges

In order to achieve the required measurement accuracy, in some cases it is necessary to ensure a perfectly stable and precise position of the measured component or gauge. This can be achieved by using one of the types of accessories or another product. Our offer includes both original Mitutoyo accessories, the Opti-fix, Car-fix and Eco-fix series, as well as many other interesting products from Renishaw. They are also compatible with devices of other brands (e.g. Tomelleri) and are thus a great support whenever it is needed.

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Servis měřicích přístrojů

Service: warranty and post-warranty customer care

We want our devices to serve you reliably. That’s why we take care of them even after the warranty period ends. Preventatively, but also in the event of a malfunction. We will take care of your measuring devices both at your place and, if necessary, at our service center.

Accredited calibration laboratory

We carry out calibrations of measuring instruments and machines given by the scope of the accreditation certificate, which are required especially for the needs of customer or ISO audits. With the measuring device or machine, you will receive a calibration sheet and the assurance that the accuracy of your measurement results is declared based on a comparison with a standard linked to a higher metrological quality, or a multinational standard.

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