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State-of-the-art peripherals for plastic injection contribute not only to product quality, but also to cost savings, process safety and reduced environmental impact.

Material conveying, dosing and drying

Eliminate scrap in your production by absolutely precise mixing, dosing and drying of thermoplastic and thermoset granules with the products of the German manufacturer Koch-Technik, either by individual solutions for individual machines or by using central conveying systems for the entire production hall. We also continue to provide technical support for Colortronic systems, delivered until 2010.

Periferní zařízení ke vstřikovacím strojům- dávkování, sušení a doprava materiálu
Periferní zařízení ke vstřikovacím strojům - temperace

Mold temperature control

Save costs and the environment with the Regloplas water or oil temperature control units or the multi-circuit pulse temperature control system, which guarantees optimal control of the injection process and a noticeable cycle shortening time.

Product conveying and separation

MTF belt conveyors and separation systems are characterized by maximum emphasis on safety and long service life. Their design offers the possibility of individual adaptation to your needs.
These systems are often used in complex automated product handling.

Periferní zařízení ke vstřikovacím strojům - doprava a separace
Plastic granulators

Plastic granulators

Save costs by recycling waste material from runner gates or defective moldings. Swedish Rapid granulators are suitable for a closed circuit of a production machine as well as an ingenious system solution for waste processing of entire production lines. Start a circular economy for you too.

Metal detection and separation

Sesotec detectors and separators for all (even non-ferrous) metal impurities will enable the use of additional recycled material while maintaining quality without unwanted particles. You will use these systems not only in the plastics industry, but also in the food, medicine and woodworking segments.

Periferní zařízení ke vstřikovacím strojům - separace
Periferní zařízení ke vstřikovacím strojům - sila a zásobníky

Bins, silos and piping components

The bins address the issue of supply and storage of material, using both internal containers and external silos. They are especially suitable for central systems of material distribution, which is also protected from dust or other impurities.

Orca temperature control systems

The Orca system is probably the most advanced process temperature control system on the market. It is based on the principle of parallel distribution and requires no maintenance.

At the heart of the system is an innovative dual ultrasonic sensor. Thanks to its compact, robust design, the system can be easily integrated into production machines and systems.

Uživatelské rozhraní systémů regulace teploty Orca

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