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Sepro automatizace

Sepro is the world leader in robots designed for plastics production. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a reliable and user-friendly device.

3-axis robots

A large selection of 3-axis Sepro robots ensures optimal production solutions from simple “Pick & Place” applications to complex multicomponent injection molding, for machines with a clamping force of up to 5000 tons.

3osé lineární roboty pro vstřikovací stroje Sepro,
Sepro 5X-35

5-axis robots

The 5-axis robots are based on the latest generation of 3-axis Cartesian robots, complemented by two-axis Stäubli telescopic arms or dual arm. This enables solutions to the challenges of automation of plastic injectors, loading or removing parts.

6-axis robots

The 6-axis Sepro robots build on the experience of world manufacturers Stäubli and Yaskawa. They provide the most variable options for solving very complicated tasks for machines with a clamping force of up to 5000 tons. They are easy to operate with the Visual 3 control system.

Sepro 6X
Sepro UR cobot

Specific robots

Some applications require a special solution. Sepro offers for these purposes specific robots for high-speed machines, IML technologies, packaging industry or high-speed applications requiring side input. Cooperating with Universal Robots provides capabilities for industrial automation with cooperative robots.

Sprue pickers

Easy to use and reliable sprue pickers for simple applications of gripping and storing parts or sprues. They are characterized by short removal times and absolutely accurate repeatability and high durability.

Sepro tahač vtoků
Sepro Visual 3

Control system

Intuitive control system that makes it easy to operate and program the robot.

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