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Solutions for Industry 4.0

Solutions for Industry 4.0

For us, Industry 4.0 is not just an empty term, but a fully automated and digitized factory with a minimum of downtime and maximum efficient production. All solutions from BlueboX to APC plus are an integral part of modern production.


Pre-configured data storage with automatic recording of data from sensors and control of the injection molding machine for your indispensable analysis of large production data.

KraussMaffei - dataXplorer
Řešení pro průmysl 4.0 - easyTrace


Central data hub, which transfers all your relevant production data to customer-specific systems for evaluation.

APC plus

Stabilize your processes and maximize profits with a unique function that automatically compensates for the deviation of the injection process according to the actual values for each cycle during production. The result is consistently high quality parts and minimal scrap.


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KraussMaffei APC plus
Řešení pro průmysl 4.0 - forensicExpert


Detailed recording and in-depth data analysis based on the extensive experience of KraussMaffei experts will help you understand your production process and set up its optimal operation.


Fast, secure and comprehensive communication in production with injection moulding machines via mobile and web apps. SocialProduction delivers smart manufacturing solutions by monitoring key processes from anywhere, anytime.

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