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DEMM – meters with high specialization and emphasis on quality

Today, DEMM, a traditional manufacturer of special gauges, is a company that was founded more than 50 years ago. From the very beginning, its main mission has been to offer customized solutions for high-precision measurement through measuring devices and calipers. Special DEMM gauges are specific in their usability and, above all, in their variability. Accordingly, material with high quality requirements is used in production.

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Special hand-held length gauges

In the category of hand gauges, you can find not only calipers, micrometers and cavity gauges, but also depth gauges or thickness gauges and other comparison gauges. In the range of hand-held measuring devices, the DEMM company also offers devices for the really specific requirements of individual customers.


Special length gauges for large ranges

Special calipers that can be used in areas of measurement beyond normal ranges are made of carbon materials up to a length of 5000 mm and a weight of 7.4 kg, while maintaining a very high accuracy throughout the range.

Altimeters and precision rulers

Altimeters and accurate analog or digital rulers of various ranges. A specialty of the category of these gauges is the carbon ruler, which is exceptional especially for its controllability.


Measuring, checking, adjusting fixtures and devices

Devices suitable for almost every application: from runout measurements, to quick diameter checks, to gear measuring devices and setting devices with a camera.

Accessories for gauges

Various accessories for individual gauges, such as deflection gauges, jigs, probes, attachments, etc.


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