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Technologická a aplikační podpora

Technological support

We will provide you with maximum assistance in starting production and in optimizing the existing one.

Machine settings

We will help you with the connection of the machine, with its complete setup and with the start of production on new molds.

Technologická a aplikační podpora - optimalizace vstřikovacího stroje

Setting of energy-saving parameters of the machine

We will help you with setting the energy-saving parameters of the machine so that the machine does not have to create an unnecessarily large pressure reserve.

Production cycle optimization

By correct setting up the machine, we will ensure a reduction in cycle time, a reduction in scrap and an improvement in the stability of the production cycle.

Technologická a aplikační podpora - podpora z hlediska formy

Mold support

We will analyze the influence of the mold runner and flow system on the properties of the product and propose corrective measures.

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