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Measurement of temperature, pressure, emissions, humidity, electrical quantities and thermal camera

Measuring instruments Testo are the market leader for thermography, cooling technology, air conditioning, air conditioning, heating, emission and flue gas analysis in industrial production, food industry, pharmaceutical industry.The most innovative products include thermal cameras, smart probes that can be controlled by a smartphone or complex solutions for the management of buildings, hospitals and industrial facilities.

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Measuring technology and services for clean rooms

Reliable and accurate technology for checking the quality of air conditioning and ventilation in rooms in accordance with the highest requirements for cleanliness according to ČSN EN ISO 14644.

Very accurate and reliable testo measuring devices for clean rooms designed for use in the following fields:

  • temperature control, measurement and monitoring
  • control, measurement and monitoring of air humidity
  • measurement and monitoring of differential pressure
  • air flow rate measurement

Measuring technology and services for building management

All the equipment, technology and services for building managers, thanks to which you reduce operating costs and energy consumption, while contributing to the improvement of comfort in buildings.

Testo measuring technology for building managers mainly affects the following areas:

  • ensuring air quality and environmental well-being
  • hygrometers
  • lux meters
  • CO2 probes
  • sound level meters
  • inspection of electrical installations
  • adjusting ventilation devices
  • adjusting heating devices
  • adjusting cooling devices
Facility Management testo
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Measurement technology for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration (HVAC/R)

Testo’s first-class measuring devices are suitable for everyone who tries to minimize the operating costs of buildings, ensure the comfort of employees and optimize energy consumption.

Top measuring technology for the heating sector:

  • temperature measurement
  • flue gas analysis
  • pressure measurement
  • finding heat leaks
  • electrical quantities
  • ambient carbon monoxide (CO) measurement

Measuring equipment for air conditioning and ventilation:

  • measurement in the channel
  • measurement at outlets
  • measurement on filters

Measuring equipment for cooling technology:

  • smart probes for testing cooling systems
  • service devices for cooling systems
  • vacuum measurement

Thermal cameras and measuring equipment to ensure the quality of industrial production

Testo measuring technology is ideal for ensuring the trouble-free functioning of industrial enterprises, which are constantly under increasing pressure from strict standards.

Testo offers industrial companies suitable solutions for a wide range of industries:

  • flue gas analysis, devices for measuring emissions
  • temperature measurement, thermal cameras
  • temperature monitoring: radio temperature recorders
  • hygrometers and radio humidity recorders
  • air conditioning adjustment and control
  • measurement of electrical quantities
  • control of compressed air consumption and quality
Testo průmysl
Testo potravinářství

Measuring devices for food control and safety

A diverse selection of Testo devices will help you easily meet your HACCP requirements and ensure safe food storage and processing.

Testo measuring technology offers:

  • complete temperature monitoring of the production chain
  • precise, clean and fast measurement as well as documentation of all measurement results
  • certification of all measuring devices according to EN 13485 and all data recorders according to EN 12830
  • HACCP International certificate

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