Základní technologické školení

Basic technological training

Training course code: TECH 1

Level: Basic course

Number of trainees: 5 persons minimum, 10 maximum


  • Material training
  • Technological machine setup
  • Process – influence of technological parameters on the condition and properties of molded parts
  • Process optimization – quality inspection, common defects and methods of their correction

Correct setup of injection molding machines and their process parameters. Identification of causes of molding defects and methods for their correction.

This training course is composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Training materials are provided for the theoretical part. The KM80/380CX machine is available and used for the practical training at KUBOUŠEK s.r.o. If the training is required directly at the customer, a machine must be available for this purpose.

Preconditions: No special knowledge is required.

Registration for the Training

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