really high gloss – Roctool

company Thibierge Paris

Thibierge wanted quality covers with a really high gloss for its notebook. However, in the case of reinforced materials, it is difficult to achieve these results by conventional injection molding.

However, Roctool injection molding technology achieves maximum glosseven with filled materials due to the use of induction heating of molds. All this without any surface defects.

Technologie vstřikování plastů Roctool - dokonalý lesk

Another task was to ensure perfect accuracy of the dimensionsof the covers. This is mainly due to the precise closing by means of micromagnets pressed into the cover and the perfect fit of the paper in the spine of the notebook. It hides 200 pages in just 6 mm thickness! The goal was to ensure that the sheets of paper held up perfectly in the cover.

Thanks to the high-temperature injection technology, Roctool was able to reduce material stress during the injection molding process. Laboratory tests then proved the resistance of the notebook when falling from a height of 80 cm on a stone floor.

What to add in conclusion? Roctool is a modern plastic injection technology designed specifically for molding such demanding materials.