Trainee program

Are you in your final year or are you just graduating from college? Are you looking for a direction to go?

So here you are right!

KUBOUŠEK Trainee is a program up to 18 months long, during which you gain valuable work experience. You will learn how the operation of a Czech company with international footprint works. Your mentors will be professionals with many years of experience and young creative colleagues.

Is the program right for me?

Certainly! You can choose a program in different fields according to your preferences. We are a technological company, so you can focus on automation, measuring technology, calibration or servicing injection molding machines. But you can also complete the Trainee in fields such as marketing, finance or human resource management It depends on you.


Can I try more disciplines during the Trainee?

Yes. The goal is to find out what field you really want to pursue.


How long is the program?

6–18 months. It depends on your time possibilities.


What will be my working hours?

Depending on how we agree, your work will be based on an agreement on temporary job or on agreement to perform work.


Can I become your employee?

Yes, even that is possible after the end of the program.


How do I become a Trainee?

Sign up for the program and send us your CV. Then a colleague from our Training Center will contact you and talk to you about everything you need.

Are you interested?