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socialProduction: digital production monitoring

SocialProduction opens up new possibilities for communication in production via a mobile and web app for KraussMaffei injection moulding machines. The solution combines the advantages of social media with state-of-the-art production monitoring technologies. SocialProduction independently detects deviations in the production process faster than ever before and takes machine monitoring into Industry 4.0.

Smart injection moulding machine production is continuously monitored by a patented process that uses self-directed learning. Any anomalies in the process are identified at an early stage based on the detected machine data and proactively communicated via notifications.

The main advantages of socialProduction:

    • Detect process deviations before component quality suffers
    • Visualization system in mobile and Web applications
    • Automatic monitoring of the production process
    • Complete information transfer from shift to shift
    • Detecting process interrupts before the process itself fails
    • Live machine data – anytime, anywhere
    • Analysis of productivity and stability
    • Smart process with key data in one place

The machine data summary provides a quick overview of the entire production process and helps to efficiently monitor each connected machine with intelligent production key data. The machine data history is stored chronologically along with alarms, events and set parameters.