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Technologie vstřikování plastů

Technologies for plastic injection

Sometimes a standard injection molding process is not enough to achieve the desired result and it is necessary to “teach new skills” the machine. Choose from a wide range of special injection technologies for material saving, high gloss, or silicone processing.


The most advanced induction heating technology for the mold, allowing an almost identical surface replication. The molded piece achieves the desired effect through precise temperature control. Fast, reliable and efficient. High gloss, detailed textures, better mechanical properties and no surface defects. Roctool technology is designed for premium products with maximum emphasis on design.

Heat and Cool technologie vstřikování plastů Roctool


Technology of physical foaming of a part, during which nitrogen in a supercritical state is injected into the mold together with plastic. This results in significant material savings, reduced product weight, reduced machine clamping force required and shorter cycle time. MuCell technology helps save up to 30% on material costs.

GIT – gas injection technology

Proven technology for years for the production of parts with thin and thick-walled cavities or parts where there is a risk of shape deformation. Nitrogen pressure increases the quality of shots and the structural properties of the material, especially higher stiffness, torsion resistance and elimination of depressions. GIT gives designers exceptional freedom in the design of parts and brings manufacturers benefits in terms of material savings or lower requirements for the clamping force of the machine.

Technologie vstřikování s podporou plynu
Rhytemper pulse temperature control system

Rhytemper pulse temperature control system

Multi-circuit temperature control of molds to achieve exceptional quality of the surface appearance of the molded piece. The system guarantees optimal process control, minimized cycle time and, in particular, lower scrap.


The technology designed for the manufacture of thermoplastic components with premium quality surfaces in one working step. The manufactured parts feature elegant surfaces and increased abrasion resistance.

Technologie vstřikovaní skinform
Technologie vstřikování ColorForm


Proven multi-component injection molding principle for many years: after the injection molding process, a polyurethane or polyurea surface material is applied to the body, creating a high-quality glossy or detailed scratch-resistant structured surface. This saves time, space and costs by omitting the painting process. The manufactured parts are resistant to UV radiation and chemicals.


Multi-component injection molding is a suitable solution for a product where the use of various variants of injection molding machines and molds is envisaged. The combination of multiple materials is used for precisely defined result requirements with higher functionality and quality. This technology allows for increased productivity through the use of parallel technological processes and also offers more freedom in creating designs.

Technologie vstřikování plastů Multinject
Technologie vstřikování plastů CleanForm


Complete machine and process engineering that meets the high cleanliness requirements of the medical and optical industry. Complies with Class 5 cleanrooms in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1. The whole equipment is characterized by reduced number of moving parts and lubrication points, clean space for the mold, elimination of wear parts and encapsulation of various units with flexible, positionable filter-fan units.


Cost-effective production of multi-component parts with a large number of cavities and a total number of pieces. Each component of the resulting part is created in a separate compression stroke on a cantilevered spin unit with optional middle platen. This doubles production capacity. It is possible to integrate special processes such as compression molding into the production process. SpinForm technology is suitable for cleanrooms.

Technologie vstřikování platů SilcoSet


Liquid and solid silicone processing suitable for the manufacturing of complex components. SilcoSet technology allows you to work with shot weight less than 1 g. Its clean operation is a benefit especially in the medical industry, but it is often used in the automotive industry or electronics.


This technology combines the thermoforming of organo sheets and injection molding into one process. This process results in fiber-reinforced plastic components that are particularly lightweight yet feature a high level of strength. They are used primarily in the automotive industry, where they replace steel or aluminum. Even complex structures can be produced with no need for rework in cycle times corresponding to standard injection molding processes.

Technologie vstřikování plastů FiberForm
IMC – Injection Molding Compounder

IMC – Injection Molding Compounder

Compounding and injection molding in a one-step process brings the advantages of continuous extrusion combined with the advantages of injection molding in the production of high value-added parts. Thanks to the special arrangement of the mixing blocks and toothed discs of the extruder, excellent homogenization and dispersion of the material takes place. The result is material cost savings, the ability to create individual material combinations and excellent part quality thanks to a reproducible melting mode. The technology is suitable, for example, for long glass fiber processing.


Processing of non-free-flowing, reinforced polyester and vinyl ester compounds to form premium-quality technical components. The benefits of this technology are the shortened cycle time thanks to the cold-runner nozzles, lowered material consumption and minimized maintenance costs thanks to the self-cleaning funnel. The parts are characterized by stability and high homogeneity. The parts are commonly used in electrical engineering and the automotive industry.

Technologie vstřikování plastů PolySet
Technologie vstřikování plastů DuroSet


Technology for processing everything from free-flowing molding compounds to premium-quality and dimensionally stable components.

IMBT – Integrated metal plastic injection molding

With integrated plastic and metal injection, you will reduce logistical demands on space and the amount of machinery required. This technology is especially suitable for parts that combine the need for conductive and insulating parts. The integration of production in one process increases the stability and reliability of the product.

Technologie vstřikování plastů IMTB - vstřikování s kovy

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